best 5 YouTubers in Bangladesh

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best 5 YouTubers in Bangladesh. 

Although there are many things in Bangladesh about YouTube, the most notable thing is that Javed Karim from Bangladesh uploaded the fast video on YouTube.

He first uploaded Karim's video on YouTube on April 23, 2005. So he was the co-founder
of YouTube. But he sold his shares.
So it can be said that one of the inventors of YouTube was from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a poor country. Most of the people in this country are farmers. Bangladesh is a major agricultural country.

So Bangladesh has come a long way in terms of information technology as compared to many other countries Fear of hackers in Bangladesh hackers from all countries

  hacker group name of cyber 71 which is a lot to talk about all over the world.

 01.Tawhid Afridi

best 5 YouTubers in Bangladesh

Tawhid Afridi YouTube Channel Name Tawhid Afridi

Subscribers 4.64M 

And all Video 180 

Tawhid Afridi Monthly Increase $630,000

 02.Prottoy Heron Prottoy

best 5 YouTubers in Bangladesh

Heron Channel Name The Ajaira LTD

 Subscribers 4.27M 

And All Videos 117
Pottoy Heron Monthly Increase $615,000

03.Ayman Sadiq

best 5 YouTubers in Bangladesh

Ayman Sadiq Channel Name 10 Minutes School

Subscribers 2M 

And All Videos 4.1K 

 04.Rakib Hossain

best 5 YouTubers in Bangladesh

Rakib Hossain Channel Name Rakib Hossain

Subscribers 2.54M

And All Videos 126 

Rakib Hossain Monthly Income $500,000

 05.Hridoy Ahmed Shanto

best 5 YouTubers in Bangladesh

Hridoy Ahmed Shanto ChannelShanto       Hridoy Ahmed Shanto
Subscribers 1.93M

And All Videos 64 

Hridoy Ahmed Shanto Monthly Income $400,000


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