Horror Story In Real Life. The best horrors Story My Real Life

I live in massachusetts and ive had a couple of expériences. i am going to share this one 1st. This one happend about 9 yours ago my son was about 8 yours old.

Horror Story,Best Horrors story

My nephew about 12 so my son wanted my nephew to spend the night so he had come over to hang out and play vidéo games and all that stuff the 3 of us stayed up pretty late we all had enough of playing they were both very tired so we went upstairs to my bedroom.

my nephew slept on a blow up mattress and my son and i slept in my bed to explain how the room was i had put the blow up bed like if u open the door it would be were my nephews feet were pointing towards the door and my bed is behind the door like when you open it.

agianst the wall they both fell asleep and i stayed up watching tv it was about 3am maybe a bit later when i started hearing walking up my stairs which are not carpet they were wood

i thought it was my wife coming up from fallin asleep on the couch when the footsteps had turned from just sounding like somone walkin up the stairs to all the sudden walking up the stairs with what sounded like claws clickin on the stairs as.

the footsteps were coming up the stairs and they were coming very slow then my bedroom door slowly opend up and then this thing that i swear to god looked just like what we would say the grim reaper looks like.

it was about 10 ft tall because it had to bend its head to look in but it was like it new were i was in the room because when.

it looked in it turned and looked directly at me this thing had no face were u would see a face it was more black then.

what looked like a cloak on it looked at me for about 5 10 seconds then slowly pulled back out to the hallway and i heard its claws click into the room across.

the hall i was so scared but also got very protective because my son and nephew were there i jumped up and ran into that room out of addrenalin and it.

was gone i ran downstairs rite after to see my wife and dog still sleeping on the couch ive told my mom and sister about what hap.


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