The Real Scary Horror Stories.True Horror Stories Dark Web

The Real Scary Horror Stories.True Horror Stories Dark Web

I'm not sure if this is more spiritual than cryptid but I've already shared some weirdness from my life so here goes

The Real Scary Horror Stories.True Horror Stories Dark Web

Our convoy was enroute to our mission location when the ground began to shake.We had been involved in enough IED attacks to know what was coming next. Kaboom!!! the real scary horror stories

The Real Scary Horror Stories.True Horror Stories Dark Web

Smoked instantly filled the truck as it lifted skyward. No matter how many times this happened my first response was to grab my groin area first, to make sure everything was still in place. 

I was using my hands to feel around so my arms are still there, legs still attached. As the truck violently crashed back to the earth's surface my door came off the hinges. 

Apparently my seatbelt failed too and I was thrown from the vehicle. I climbed to my hands and knees and looked up to assess my surroundings and saw a soldier.the real scary horror stories

The Real Scary Horror Stories.True Horror Stories Dark Web

The soldier stood about 6'4" or taller. I did not recognize him as part of our unit.  He turned to me.

I wouldn't say his eyes were white. 

They had no color at all. It was more like they emitted light. Not like a flashlight beam or anything silly like that just emitted soft light under a furrowed brow. In a Stern voice he said "Get up and fight!"  

The Real Scary Horror Stories.True Horror Stories Dark Web

He reached down with one hand grabbing me by my upper arm just under my armpit and lifted me up. Once I was on my feet he stepped forward pointing his rifle towards the palm grove

He reached across his chest with his left hand and cockily dusted off what should have been his right shoulder. This is when I noticed he wasn't dusting off his shoulder. He was dusting off the right side of a pair of huge dark brown Eagle Wings. 

I blinked and shook my head. "WHAT THE...." And he was gone. After the firefight and we were "safe" behind the wire and after a shower I was examining the bruises on and around my left arm. 


The Real Scary Horror Stories

Logically it can be explained the Angel I saw was due to head trauma and the bruising wasn't a hand print. 

I just bruised that way due to where my body armor protected or didn't provide protection.true horror stories dark web

True Horror Stories Dark Web

Head injury or not I saw what I saw and I'm not the only one who thought the bruises looked like a hand print.

Another time our patrol was traveling southbound along the Tigres River. A split second before the sound of the explosion hit I could feel the vibration through the Humvee's tires. 

The Real Scary Horror Stories.True Horror Stories Dark Web

In an instant the inside of our vehicle was filled with smoke as we heard the explosion. 

I immediately began my self check making sure all things were still attached because I had lost all feeling in my entire body. 

The explosion was on the right side of our truck lifting us skyward and to the left towards the Tigres River.true horror stories dark web

I was slammed into my door as the truck began to flip mid air. 

Both our gunner and the smoke were sucked out of the turret.  My face was pinned to the window forcing me to look straight down into the river.

The vehicle continued to rotate mid air. As my body now flung towards the roof of the vehicle my seatbelt holding me in place. My eyes were directed out of the turret at the quickly approaching water.the real scary horror stories

I prepared myself for impact and began planning how I was going to escape this watery casket. I grabbed my knife in preparation to have to cut seatbelts as the water got closer. 

I remember only having the ability to say "give me strength" I took a deep breath and blinked as the truck made impact. 

To my surprise there was no rush of water and I was still breathing air. 

We landed south and to the right of the crater the IED created. 

True Horror Stories Dark Web

About 30 meters away from the river's edge. After all the shooting stopped we began looking for our gunner's remains. We found him by the edge of the Tigres. His only injury was a broken arm from the landing. True Horror Stories Dark Web

Worst of all is the survivor's guilt. I'll always miss my brothers. RIP/ Until Valhalla/ Barq Allah Feekie.

During debriefing everyone in the truck confirmed that we were going under water. No one in the other trucks were able to explain how our truck landed where it had or how the explosion and damage to our truck was on the passenger side of the vehicle but we landed to the right of the explosion.the real scary horror stories

It's impossible to explain the love hate relationship I have with combat the guilt and depression of it and the longing to return. 


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